District 9 and GI Joe: Rise of Cobra

I recently read an Xkcd comic about a pretty unintersing guy, and I have to admit I have not been very good at keeping this blog going. Last month was, if I’m honest, quite boring. I had very little to write about or to challenge me, so decided not to write any rubbish, but just wait out for something more intersting to happen.

It was today that I noticed this dynamic could continue indefinetly, so I had better try my best to change it by actively searching for an interesting point. I have yet to discuss film on this site, so I will now mention some I saw recently at the cinema.

Firstly, District 9. If you have yet to see it and like sci-fi go and see it, now. Do not read reviews of it, they are overwhelmingly positive. The key to this film is going in with no idea what will happen, it works much better that way. All you need to know is the basic plot. An alien race landed in South Africa abut 20 years ago, and they are not welcome. The film is shot incredibly well and makes it seem very real and relevant, and all the unknown cast are superb. I would talk about it more, but it would spoil it. This trailer gives a good idea of what the film is about, but be warned, other trailers contain spoilers.

District 9 Trailer

Secondly, I saw GI Joe : Rise of Cobra, a family friendly action film by the guy who did the Mummy films, Stephen Sommers. This is very much in the same vein, not entirely serious. For example,  one of the good guys sets her futuristic weapon to target a villain, and to do so focussed in on the eye, but he was wearing  a mask covering it, yet it still mananges to find its mark and killed the guy, not any of the others wearing the same mask. If this is the sort of thing that would annoy you, don’t go, you will probably hate it. However, I found this hilarious, and it is generally a lot of fun. Sienna Miller is remarkable as the Baronness; she has so much fun with the role and is a joy to watch. There are a few twists, some you can see coming, others you don’t. The fight scenes are all very good, and include ninjas, cars with rocket launchers, and as the trailer shows, the destruction of the Eiffel tower.

GI Joe Trailer

If you’ve seen either of the above, let me know what you thought, but again, try to keep it spoiler free.


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