Facebook, whats the point?

I’ve recently started to realise how I use facebook, and its not great. I don’t actually write much there, but I spend a lot of time checking it. It is essentially for me where I people watch, but I can only see what people are willing to show off, which kind of defeats the point a bit. I don’t have many photos to upload, as I’m not the sort of guy who uses his camera phone to photo everything or carries his digital camera everywhere just in case. I don’t update my status often, as I don’t like to be boring. I want my statuses (correct me if I’m wrong on this pluralisation) to be interesting, engaging, fun and generally new to the reader. The main use is just keeping in contact with people, but I seem to spend a lot of time on it. I like to hang around on it and see a person’s updates pretty soon, and if there has been no activity for a while, I will refresh the page to check. I also like to see if people talk to me on facebook chat, but only a select few do, less than 5% of my contacts. I still hang on in the vain hope that they will and I’ll start a conversation with someone I’ve not seen in years.

So, let the discussion begin, what are your thoughts on the mighty facebook? What do you use it for or don’t you? Do you like it. Personally, I prefer Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Facebook, whats the point?

  1. I find facebook/twitter etc a bit of a chore sometimes too. I’ll either post updates to get some appreciation back, or I’ll feel petty about other people’s lovely lives.

    The thing is, Facebook’s a real hybrid application. It’s got aspects of flickr, twitter, myspace, miniclip (or whatever online games you like), email, friends reunited; it’s an address book, a magazine (with quizzes to tell you who you are), instant messenger, everything.

    So different people use it in different ways.

    And I think probably everyone has used it to paper cracks in our egos too.

    But like any friendship, any relationship, you’ll get what you put in. If all your updates are striving hard, I think people will comment on them less and less — unless you comment loads on other people’s. Ditto messaging people, even if you’re marked as online, I can be unsure as to whether an instant message will go down well, or just look intrusive or even needy.

    So I’m trying to be more proactive, on facebook, blogs and twitter. Instead of making a noise that says ‘listen to me, read my updates, remind me you like me’ I’m trying to remember to say to other people – I’m listening, I’m paying attention, I’m your friend.

    And I’m trying not to take what people write as personal, whether it be a message that they would be a purple crayon if they were an item of stationary, or their party photos that I wasn’t invited to etc etc.

    Crumbs, this is longer than your post! Still, it’s after 10 and I can’t be bothered to edit it down. oops. Hope this adds to the flow.

    1. chrysalisloall

      I agree, it can be used very often for an ego trip. I think part of the problem is that they seem to put you on a pedastal a bit, and make you feel that everyone is waiting for you to say something. I think your strategy is a good one, and I may just nick that and use it myself.

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