Who writes Spam? Star Wars geeks apparently.

Another website I’m involved in received some spam that made me chuckle. This site is in the form of a blog and allows users to comment on entries, similar to this one. We have quite a lot of spam, but instead of selling the product in the main text, they send something random and hope someone clicks the link to their site. Some that have gone before are “I have no time” and “I can’t make lunch today”, random, but possibly relevant. However, today we got the most random one ever:

“volley of rocks tossed by Ewoks from the trees above.”

Just to clarify, there is no mention of Star wars at all on this site, let alone Ewoks. But after the laughter had subsided, it got me thinking. Firstly how is the spam generated and secondly who by? Is there an algorithm that suggest picking random words, googling them and then selecting a random piece of text from a suitably random article in the hope that it makes sense? If so, what was the programs purpose, to get non-descript or intentionally random quotes? The  non-descript would be logical and less suspicious to the hoster of the site, but the random could inspire people to click through more. Is it therefore possible they mix both?  And then I considered the person behind it, who caused this quote to appear. Is he a massive geek and couldn’t resist slipping in a Star Wars reference, and is he a good programmer. Why is he doing it, is it because he likes the challenge, or that he desperately needs the money. How many spammers are female? What are the hours like?

Of course, I don;t know any of the answers, and probably never will, but it was an interesting thought regardless. On the subject of spam, there is one email I got that is so badly translated from the russian (which you can tell it its in because of the web address, emitted here)

The new citizens of brazil writhed uneasily under the restraints and affronts which were now 
for the first time put upon them.

Hello, i am Tiffani Anderson
Try it (web address here, ending .ru)

She gave him an imploring, frightened look.
I confess i understand very little about all these matters of wills and inheritance.

So, in conclusion, all I can see is enjoy spam, it may be funny. I personally am hoping for Tarantino or Klingon spam. I would also be tempted by Pixar, any spammer quoting Wall-E will get my respect.


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