District 9 Vs Moon

I just watched District 9 again on DVD, and my word, is it a good film. I maintain my opinion, that for all its flaws, it is a stunning piece of work one of the best science fiction films of last year, without a doubt. I saw Moon recently, hoping for similar things, but on first viewing, nowhere near as impressive. Sam Rockwell is always dependable, and he is here very good. But the film feels stretched, but is only 90 minutes long. It does not cover anywhere near as great a range of ideas as District 9, which in the first hour deals with identity, race, segregation and isolation in good depth, from all sides, while maintaining a good narrative and pace. Moon on the other hand was quite predictable and slow, and not very original. It was a film that did not try to hide behind dialogue, but got its audience to think, which I admire, but I was often thinking about what would happen, and not the science ideas. One of the major problems I had with Moon was that I kept trying to predict the twist, and when it failed to meet my expectations, as I continually hyped it up as the film progressed, I was left disappointed.  Whereas what District 9 does, is make you empathize with Wikus, and try to imagine his point of view, and makes you feel what he does. I think I will have to try and watch Moon again, to see if it improves.

What do you think, seen either one, which do you prefer, or too close to call?


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