The blog lives on, this is not a dream!

The last months have been busy, with personal things going on and lots of work to be doing. I realised I should probably kick this back into life or delete it, so here it goes.

One of the recent films out (another will be the subject of another future post) that has caught my interest and attention is Inception. From the trailer that told you so little, I was gripped. The first merely said the mind was the scene of the crime and although the second involved more, it wasn’t revealing. Leonardo Dicaprio as Cobb, the main character, asks “what is the most dangerous parasite?” and proceeds to give the answer “an idea.” If that doesn’t make you curious, I suggest you go and see it. Its well worth it


For those who have seen it there is only one question, but I’ll come to that. The first thing I should say is my overall opinion, which was one of a well written and thought out film. The plot and world are engaging and phenomanal, well worth a watch. it is similar to Avatar in that way, that the landscape was of greater interest than the characters that populate it, but the story is far better here and less predictable. Many have commented on the emotional pull of the main characters, but I felt strangely distant to be honest. Dicaprio plays it well, but I’m just not that concerned with him, its the world that I want to know more of. The other characters have little depth at all, but are well played for the parts given, most notable Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

When you leave the cinema, it is of course the world and that final question that you think about. What sort of dreams would you make for yourself, and who would make ones like that one you had last night? If you could share dreams, would you want to see your partners if they could also see yours? And of course, you’ll question the plot.

There are many arguments for and against it being a dream, but personally I’m not sure and need to see it again. I like to think not because I like happy endings, but I doubt that the director can decide one way or the other, unsure which is best for the story. I like the idea it is Mal’s dream, which I had while watching it, but am pretty sure this is not an intended representation. Some have mentioned that nobody but Cobb uses their totem and that Mal puts in her safe as a sign that the totem has no significance any more. However, on the reality argument side, there are two different actors cast for the children with an age difference, suggesting that although they look the same, they are not. However, this is almost pointless debate, since I am sure the director will never openly come down on one side or the other. The main point at the end is that Cobb does not care about testing whether it is real or not, but is happy to accept it. Whether this is a good thing or not will probably influence whether you think it was a dream or not.

The one thing I came away with though was that its focus was not on dreaming, but on ideas and the power of storytelling. As Ellen Page’s character said, it is pure creation. It is with films that we can create something that for a short time,  the viewer will accept. Like a dream, they may not accept it as real, but they will give it credit as being plausible and consistent. They will listen to what it says, take it in and think about what it means to them. It is this, the power of an idea and the captive power of a film that fascinates me most, and makes me inclined to recommend it very highly.


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