Darth Saul

I was looking at the story of King Saul in 1 Samuel recently, and I found this verse that just tickled me.

1 Samuel 28:7
Saul then said to his attendants, “Find me a woman who is a medium, so I may go and inquire of her.” “There is one in Endor,” they said.

Endor is referred to in the Bible!! I thought, “Surely a one off”, but no, twice more in Joshua 17:11 and in Psalm 83:9-10. My inner Star Wars fan is just loving this, and inside I’m jumping up and down like an Ewok.

It also got me thinking about Saul and Samuel. Saul is selected as the King to be but is really quite reluctant to take the role, fearful of what that would mean. Samuel knows him to be the chosen one, so has high hopes of him, and tries to help teach him how to act. However, it becomes clear that Saul is not perfect. Impatient and fearful, he fails to obey God and deviates in what seem slight ways, but shows the true feelings in his heart. Samuel becomes furious with him and tells him the Lord has left him and goes to seek a new King to replace him, David. Saul remains King, in name at least, and we see him get angry with David who the people love. He threatens David several times and in the end forces David to flee from him. During this time, the Lord leaves him for good, and he resorts to using a medium in Endor to summon Samuel from the dead for advice, but to no avail. He then falls on his own sword and all his line perish. Of course that is just a summary, read 1 Samuel for the full picture, which I strongly advise you do.

Nonetheless, you have to admit the parallels with Star Wars are interesting. Cast Darth Vader/Anakin as Saul, Obi Wan as Samuel and Luke as David, and you get quite a few similarities. Not perfect, but it makes for an interesting thought. The anointing of “the one to bring the balance to the force” can be seen as passing to Luke when Obi Wan decides he deserves it. Of course, that depends on your interpretation of bringing balance, since it could still be argued that Anakin achieved that by vastly reducing the number of Jedi to create a more even distribution. Or is Luke the one as he removes conflict? Furthermore you could argue that Anakin was  the one intended to bring balance but failed, so Luke takes the mantle and succeeds.

Its clear there are some ideas taken from popular religions in Star Wars, but is this one of them? I doubt we’ll ever know. Curious none the less.

First person to find any other Star Wars reference in the Bible wins.


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