Personality tests

I’ve recently been looking into my personality profile based on the Myer’s-Briggs profiling method, an INFJ for those interested. I’ve found a lot of useful stuff out by doing this, but I’m still always a bit wary of these things. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with psychology; it fascinates me and scares me all at once. I adore discovering new things about how people work, including myself. I think I know very little about these things and deepening my understanding of those around me is exciting. However, I’m always left with the horrible feeling that someone is trying to predict me and that leaves me feeling very unsettled. I don’t like there being a box for me to fit into so I find I can only do these sort of things if its a lot looser.

Someone suggested recently that I do a day of full on testing to get a proper full personality profile, but the idea that someone thinks I’m that predictable and simple annoys me. This may just be my type’s typical reaction, which is also annoying, but it got me thinking how other perceived these things. Good, bad or indifferent; useful or destructive?


2 thoughts on “Personality tests

  1. I’m not fond of being boxed either but I’ve found that they are never ever 100% right anyway so I pick out the good bits from s test throw away the not so good bits and then go do something the test said I wouldn’t or something like that just to make sure I don’t feel too boxed.

    I do particularly like breaking sterotypes though and have considered on more than one occasion trying to convince a psychiatrist that I am schizophrenic just for giggles.

  2. playbyhouserules

    I don’t know who suggested you do a whole days testing but they sound totally awesome and I would encourage you to listen to their unbrideled wisdom 😀

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