Justice League Vs Superman

Before you get overly excited about this post, it does not involve fighting superheroes, but is concerned with their film adaptations. This week Warner executive Jeff Robinov announced their plan to reboot Batman almost immediately after the Dark Knight Rises for a Justice League film. This itself is a remarkably bold move, shrugging off all the work of Christopher Nolan and restarting the character from scratch. While I dislike the Dark Knight and thought that Batman Begins was merely an ok film, I can’t help disliking the fact that Warner Brothers are so willing to throw away his whole legacy. After spending so much on inventing a character and establishing a consistent world that fans and critics have all adored, to have it all be thrown away to capitalise on a team up movie, seems terribly cold.

In addition to that, the release date being scheduled for six months after Synder’s Superman means that the Justice League will also recast Superman. Six months after he hits the cinema. It’s even possible that the trailer for justice League will be attached to Superman, so Henry Cavill could be recast before you even see him! Now that sucks!

I still have my doubts about the next Superman film, as I’ve mentioned more than once before, but even so, I’d never wish that on the actor. Superman is such an iconic role now linked so strongly with Christopher Reeve that he has enough of a challenge on his hands at is. To be announced as the new poster boy for DC, the one man cast as Superman and then hear that in the big team up film, which seems to be purely an overly fearful reaction to the hype surrounding the Avengers, must be so disheartening.

You see Warner Brothers, what is so exciting about the Avengers is the continuity. We know now that these heroes can be reimagined and reinvented as you’ve done it so many times. So the allure of these characters combined together is only vaguely exciting as you’ve done that before too in some form. The major attraction is to see the exact characters we’ve seen hold a film on their own unite together in one awesome adventure. With the Avengers, I want to see a film where Iron Man has a very small part and is not the focus. I do not want to see the origin of many characters all of whom I am vaguely aware of. I want a film where the origin can be put to one side and the challenge of superheroes egos getting on can be addressed.

I have huge doubts that even if they wanted to use the original actors, with the release dates scheduled so close together it wouldn’t be an option. I also cannot imagine the realistic dark world the Christopher Nolan has created combining smoothly with anything created by Zak Snyder. In that sense, the DC heroes have been created as separate entities in unconnected universes. It is therefore best to think of the Justice League as a single entity; one team that consists of individuals vaguely similar to the ones you’re already familiar with.

I still require a lot of convincing. This sounds like a cash-in opportunity and one that I don’t think can succeed, at least in terms of authenticity and acceptance. It will be financially successful, sure, provided that the Avengers doesn’t suck, but I’ve never seen films as just a money making vehicle, that is their secondary function. It reminds me of a comedian’s sketch about how on the news they’ll make you worry about falling house prices. He jokes that you’ll never an expert on being asked what to do about being stuck in negative equity respond with the simple answer that they’ll live in it. But that’s another rant. Here concludes the news. Now, sport.


One thought on “Justice League Vs Superman

  1. I really really am beginning to get totally sick of all the reboots.

    Can we please have our actors last longer than a few films before the industry starts it all over again because they are too money grabbingt o take a risk for once.

    I want an original film!

    Rant over I am kinda looking forward to the avengers movie but only because of iron man and my hope that even though he should only play a minor role the actor will inspire the other actors to take their roles seriously and act well.

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