Who am I?

As you know, on this blog I have not revealed my name. When I started the blog, several years ago, this choice was made because of vain and naive ambition. I did not tell anyone that I was writing it and I hoped that people would just find it and I would never have to advertise. This approach never worked, and shows my naivety about how blogs are discovered. People don’t search for something new that often and are more likely to follow links than to search randomly. That is in essence how the Internet has come to work; an interconnected series of pages spread by word of mouth interspersed with questions asked of google and wikipedia.

When I saw the film Up, I felt so strongly about it that I wanted to share what I thought. I wrote my review of the film here and linked to it on facebook. I reasoned to myself that I did not mind my friends seeing what I thought of the film, quite the reverse, I wanted them to know. I wanted to provoke those who I’d seen it with into thinking about it and thus wanted to thrust my views upon them. Rather than telling them all one at a time, I decided to lose the site anonymity to them as the benefit far outweighed the loss.

At that point, I could have just changed the site and lost anonymity altogether, but I didn’t. The main reason for this was because I have my own company, a film company called Flight Productions. I was attacking another film company that many others respected and our company was still new and hadn’t really established itself. This blog is also a place where I can, and often do, air my Christian views and I wasn’t keen on having those linked back to me later. I am not keen on being famous and that is not one of the reasons I want to become a successful film director but is more a necessary side effect.

I also worried that people would take the fact I was Christian badly and dismiss my films as being too biased on this view. The truth is that as I say on this blog’s about me page, I believe in Jesus and that affects my views. I can’t deny that, but I now think its come to the point that I realise that it is more important that I won’t hide it. I can’t help but think about Peter’s denial of Christ because although his belief was never shaken, he was afraid of what people would say. I now choose once and for all to learn the lesson here and act on it.

So there you have it. My name is Christopher Graham Mark Turner and I run a film company called Flight Productions. We’re still in the early stages but this year we look set to start pushing forward with several exciting projects. My twitter account is ChrisFlightProd and if you use that site, please feel free to follow, talk and chat with me. I have a facebook page, but I only use facebook for people I’ve met in real life, so don’t try adding me on that if you don’t know me. I hope that this announcement does not change the site in any significant way, but it was something I had to do all the same. Thank you for reading.


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