Thinking about Charlie Sheen

If you’ve not seen the recent interviews with Charlie Sheen, then I guess you will at least have heard the name.  He has recently been creating catchphrases about his drug-obsessed lifestyle. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly suggest you see the songified version of his interviews on youtube (parody is one of the few decent uses for autotune) to see just what he is going on about. He is very clearly messed up in the head, or is he?

I read a post on Burnside Writers, a collection of posts on Christian theology about any subject that they chose. One post, found here, compares Charlie Sheen to Jesus. Now that is not entirely due to what he’s saying but more to do with the reception its received. To us, they sound like the ramblings of a mad man, but it’s clear that Charlie believes it, if only on some small level. I am not saying he has even a vaguely sound mind, as does the writer of the article, but if you roll with it, it gets some interesting results. I quote:

Charlie claims to have tiger blood in his veins. Jesus claimed to have God-blood in his, that ‘I and the Father are one’ magic. Can’t you just imagine some Sadducee texting OMG after Jesus dropped that one? Charlie claims that a normal brain can’t process him. Fair enough. Jesus claimed the meek would inherit the earth and he gave two thumbs way up to the poor in both spirit and pocket. Do you really think the normal Jewish, let alone Gentile, mind could process that stuff? Whether the sermon happened on a mount or a hill is somewhat beside the point; that homily was Everest. Charlie said ‘look what I’m dealing with, man, fools and trolls.’ Jesus called the Pharisees every name in the book that if taken in context makes ‘fools and trolls’ sound like Disney channel banter. Charlie calls himself ‘the new sheriff in town.’ Jesus fired away a number of ‘I AM’ statements that rustled the imagination with ‘sheriff? we don’t need no stinkin’ sheriff.’ Charlie tells us we have the right to kill him, but not judge him. Jesus willingly allowed himself to be pinned to the tree and we, the mob, said ‘uh, huh, that’s right!’ but just when we thought we might judge the rest of the season cancelled, BOOM! Jesus up and rolls away the stone, steps outside, shakes off the death and whispers ‘Dying’s for amateurs. Winning!’ And last but not over, Charlie said ‘If you’re a part of my family, I will love you violently.’ Jesus said, well, Jesus said the same thing.

If that doesn’t make you think about a hundred different little what if scenarios, then I don’t know what will. It challenged me on how self confident Charlie is. It’s both inspiring and terrifying, but it got me thinking. If I believe I know a truth that not everyone accepts, should I not be trying to get others to see the truth? I know that sometimes this all out approach will not work, but is that the point? How much should we let our culture and conventions shape our words? Is honesty not more important? I’ve not yet come to a conclusion, but these questions have most certainly been raised.


One thought on “Thinking about Charlie Sheen

  1. He’s a very odd guy, the youtube video was very special though. Definitely made me grin.

    I’ve got to respect the guy for being himself regardless of what everyone else thinks of him. That is a trait I think more people should have. It does seem like it’s probably a very good thing he is off the drugs though. Let’s hope he stays off them.

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