How I see films

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who took the effort to read my previous post. I particularly want to single out all those who responded in some way, as I know it was a lot of splurging at once. I want you all to know that I want to be approachable so please, if you want to know more, do ask me. I want to open up more and I find writing the easiest way to do that but feel free to talk to.

I know in my last post that I said I was back and I would be writing more. This week has been rather full of things to do and I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and just write. So I’m going to take a few minutes now to just share a bit more, as I do want to keep writing.

I’ve been thinking recently about how I watch films and what it is that makes them so much more enjoyable and worthwhile for me than any other media. I’ve talked to other artists about their focus and some centre on the plot, others characters. Personally, I’m more about the whole picture, the world they present and the central ideas. Its not that I believe the others to be less important, but its more that I focus on the big picture.

Let’s take a case in point. I adore the film Amelie and I love her as a character. She is the character I can most easily relate to that I have ever seen, as I see her as being so like myself. But it’s not her that makes me love the film; it’s the world that film presents, with all its oddities and fallings. Some critics slated it for presenting an unrealistic, perfect and clean Paris, but as I see it, that’s part of the point of the film. It shows her world, with everything seen through her mind and as a consequence, everything is a little odd but cute and lovely. It’s not perfect and it really doesn’t have to be. In point of fact, its one of the few on screen relationships that I immediately came out thinking it wouldn’t last long, as when the mystery goes, Amelie will be bored of him.

Another point is comparing what I see in a film to what I see in a book. When reading, it takes most of my effort to visualise what they are intending to say and how things work that I have no extra to see the hidden metaphors. With film, these shout at me and I can spend very little effort in trying to work out what is coming up. I just spend my time soaking in the worldview and forming an impression of it.

It’s also worth telling what I’ll do with films in terms of playing with things I’ve seen. I would never think of putting a character in another situation, but rather would imagine what parts of the world haven’t we seen. Either that, or as is more likely, I would try and find meaning in what I did see. I look for similes and metaphors everywhere. I mentioned Iron Man in my previous post and in my other reviews I have written about meanings I’ve seen hinted at. It is this that I enjoy most, the deconstructing of a fictional world to find the bare bones of truth underneath. I find film is the medium in which I am more likely to learn something about the real world.

So, I hope that gives you something to think about. It just makes me want to watch a film. Now, which do I choose?


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