Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer

For this blog I try to keep some sort of structure. I do not like to have too many articles reviewing films as that alienates those with different viewing habits to myself and also requires that I spend a lot of time watching them. I also don’t like rushing the deep ones which require a lot of thinking, as those benefit greatly from the time put into them.

With this in mind, the hope was to intersperse these types with either creative writing, personal experiences or, more frequently, reporting film news. There has however been rather a large absence of news of late, and with little time to do anything else, you will have to excuse me in writing a quick and simple, I saw this and thought that article.

The director David Fincher is a man that always piques my curiosity, but also distrust. I think Fight Club is quite simply one of the most horrible and dark films ever made and Se7en was also overly vile. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button however was a very enjoyable movie and although it was about death was not dark. The Social Network also was a joy to watch and not morbid at all. It is therefore with caution but interest that I approach any of his projects. The latest of his, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is a remake of a Swedish film based on the best-selling novel Män som hatar kvinnor  ( Swedish for “Men Who Hate Women”).  The teaser trailer for the film was released this week and is included below.

The stand out feature of this teaser for me was the music. The score by Trent Reznor was one of the highlights of his last film and to hear that the collaboration between the two will continue is a good thing. The inclusion of Karen O, the lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is another pleasing thing.

As for what the film is about, this teaser gives almost nothing away. Daniel Craig seems to be playing some sort of journalist, though what he is investigating is unclear. It seems to involve the blonde and the character played by Donald Sutherland, though who either of them are is unclear. The girl with the tattoo, played by the same actress that was cast as Zuckerberg’s ex in the Social Network, doesn’t seem to be working with anyone really. Her character seems to be a goth with a lot of running around to do, but whether she’s supposed to be a nice girl really or not is unclear.

The text concerns me a little, particularly with regard to my earlier point about Fincher. The footage itself however, apart from a few shots of the titular lead, were mostly fine. It looks like it will be a decent thriller with a few dodgy deeds being investigated and a great soundtrack. I’m currently leaning towards wanting to see it, but will have to see the next trailer. Either way though, not a very Christmas style movie, I may prefer to wait until January.


One thought on “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trailer

  1. OOo, I love the music. Really not sure on the Goth though. There is a hint of chav in there and not so much pure goth or steam punk goth. Does make me vaguely interested in the books though which is what made the whole thing famous. The guy that wrote them died before they were published. I’ll maybe watch anotehrt railor or two as the come out ebfore I decide whether to see it or not.

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