Creative writing: The waker

Drew is a waker. He works in the hospital and deals with patients that suffer from a form of hypersomnia. These people have a disorder whereby their brain struggles to keep them conscious. They have an overwhelming feeling of lethargy and are constantly falling into a sleep, which will only get deeper the more the person stays asleep. His job is to prevent that deep slumber being permanent.

It’s not an easy job and like most state jobs, it’s not well paid. It is, however, what Drew was born to do. He had a hatred of sleep, seeing it as time just wasted. He was, therefore, well motivated to keep others from staying that way.

Drew arrived each day after only four hours sleep but with a hope and expectancy to see one of the patients woken up for good. He started his day by drawing the curtains and going to their beds to rouse them from their slumber. After a night of long sleep, they were initially quite glad to awake and enjoyed seeing the morning sun. He saw their cheerful faces, glad of being woken. They even thanked him for doing so.

Shortly after, however, the patients started to feel drowsy again. Drew continually tried to encourage them to stay awake but they tended not to listen and let themselves drift off. It was a battle to keep their eyes open and many wanted to try and stay up, but they couldn’t quite manage it on their own. Eventually, they fell asleep again and every day, as Drew left, all the patients were comatose.

Drew never gave up though. He’s one of the many unappreciated heroes in this world who knows when something is worth fighting for. He knew how great it was to be alive and that although dreams and rest may feel nice, they didn’t match the excitement and wonder of being alive. His life isn’t perfect, and sure, he has bad days now and then, but they were real. Nothing compares to truth and it is that which he lives for.


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