I’ve been wondering about removing some Facebook friends I’ve never interacted with: is it right or wrong to do so?


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  1. Nathan Boxall

    I suggest you place this message on Facebook and see how many people reply to you, in an attempt that you don’t delete them 😛

  2. chrysalisloall

    I was thinking more whether it was morally ok to do it or not. I think it’s wrong to tell people beforehand if your mind is made up, so not putting it on facebook. What’s your thoughts, ever done it?

  3. Nathan Boxall

    I haven’t deleted people (not sure I know how to do it lol) but I have definitely ignored friend invitations, knowing that I won’t be talking to them! Also if I haven’t talked to them for a long time, I don’t send birthday wishes, as I think it’s both pointless and dishonest…

    Not sure if it is moral or not… It would be useful to delete a few people, especially if you don’t talk to them very much and they keep updating their status/other things and block information that you would like more easily available. Plus if they get annoyed with you for deleting them, they can contact you via other means and they can simply invite you again 🙂

  4. chrysalisloall

    I do exactly the same with birthday wishes. With birthdays in general, I’ll want to try and put some effort into what I write as a message and tailor it to them. I can’t do that with people I don’t know, so just say nothing rather than try being fake.

    Its the morality that’s bugging me though. I’m wondering whether I want to severe the connections because then I have an excuse to not try and make the relationship grow or because its more honest to say that we’ve fallen away. Can’t decide whether its ever ok to say enough is enough and I don’t think we’re ever going to make a connection.

    Now thinking about putting it on facebook for a proper debate on there, as giving people a chance is possibly fairer. Not sure though, but I want to make up my mind once and for all and not keeping wondering if I should and putting it off. Grrrr!

  5. Andy Ridge

    I think it’s fine to get rid of people to be honest, if you never speak to them on it/don’t know them all too well anyway. I’ve done it, and people have done it to me. The shocking thing is how hard it is to tell who has got rid of you – if I didn’t have unfriend finder then I don’t think I’d have noticed some people removing me at all. Although there were a couple who I did notice, and I have been surprised by, but then again I’ve still not done anything about it in terms of getting back in contact with them or whatever..

    On the birthday wishes front I kind of agree, but I think it can be nice to just say happy birthday to some people who I’m not in contact with anymore that perhaps I should be.

  6. ChrisJ

    I a lot of people tend to just add everyone they know or have ever met onto Facebook, such as they guy they met at the pub last night who told that funny joke which I can’t remember anymore but it was funny…… Unfortunately when they add you it almost feels like (and compared too) a slap in the face for some people not to be accepted, even though you may never interact with them ever again. I think a lot of teenies fit into this category, where the more friends you have on Facebook is more of a status symbol.

    I tend to prefer to just have real friends on Facebook, people I like to interact with, or were good friends with in the past and would like to keep in touch with and know they’re ok. There is nothing wrong with cutting the fat as it were, and slimming down to a core group of genuine friends and/or people you’d like to keep in touch with. In fact it’s a good life skill to manage friends and life situations, not be there to please everyone by having them as a Facebook friend, but having a good core group and a few others you’d like to keep in touch with.

  7. I tend to try only adding people I want to interact with in the first place. I have deleted people on occasion though but it’s very rare of me. Mostly I do it when they’ve become a little too spammy about things I just don’t morally agree with. Again that’s rare though.

    It does depend what you are using your facebook account for though. In my case I am mildly promoting being an author to people so it’s actually partially the point to have lots of friends. I think that makes me less likely to delete people from my friend list than I would normally be.

    I guess, therefore, it’s entirely up to you.

  8. chrysalisloall

    Done it, removed twenty people or so in all. Mostly people I added during uni and expected to become closer with but never did.

    Feel a bit better after doing that, like spring cleaning.

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