Aardman films

The next two films being released by Aardman animations have been released this last week. One was for their computer animated tale Arthur Christmas about the secret son of Santa. It looks enjoyable enough, but fairly predictable and childish.

This however, is there return to stop motion, and what a trailer!

The title alone sounds awesome. The jokes are funny, the visuals are amazing and the song is the icing on the cake. I cannot wait for this and it has become my top anticipated film of next year.

One thing this trailer does very well is break the fourth wall. Acknowledging that the song is a gimmick to get you to see the film is great, as we know that already.

What I particularly loved was the way they persuaded you to buy a ticket to see it at the cinema and although I don’t normally like seeing animation at the cinema, I will certainly see this in 3D. That is not because I really want to see the swords pop out at me, but because I love what the company are doing.

I love Aardman films, all of them, and I think they are an even more loved studio than Pixar. Chicken Run is a classic while Wallace and Gromit are national icons.

It is Flushed Away that cost them dearly, however. In my opinion, it was a fantastic film. It’s one of my favourite computer animated films and is certainly better than Madagascar. Dreamworks seemed to only care about the balance sheet though, and their partnership ended as a result. This was announced shortly after the release and their five film deal was ended after just two.

Let me get this straight though, the film did make money. It was a profit, but compared to DreamWorks’s other titles, it was a weak offering. There were also creative differences, with the studio wanting more control of the content than Aardman were happy with.

This is the reason that I want to implore you to see this at the cinema. Aardman have just secured a four picture deal with Sony Animation Studios and I don’t want to see the same thing happen again. Sony is not as big as Dreamworks, so things are in Aardman’s favour, but Sony’s next release is the Smurfs movie. This is not going to a critical success, but I can almost guarantee it will fare well financially.

It is therefore a battle between a Smurfs franchise set in modern day New York and claymation from Britain’s best. If you need any further convincing, please hunt down the terrible trailer for the Smurfs and realise this will not only be bad, but sell to kids who don’t know better. I beg you, please give your support to the talent of Aardman and pay money to see this film. If nothing else, it will be a fantastic ninety minutes featuring a Pirate who wears a Blue Peter badge on their hat. Now who doesn’t want to see that?


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