The Amazing Spider-man

I previously posted here how I wasn’t keen on the new look of the next Spider-man film. They had only shown one shot of Peter Parker, which hinted at a super-hero Twilight. I have however been slowly warming to it.

The first teaser trailer was nothing much and hinted more at the Twilight theme. The highlight for me was the first person shot at the end, though many fans felt this too similar to a computer game.

I then saw Andrew Garfield in Never Let Me Go, and he is a perfect choice for Peter Parker. I’ve never seen someone pull off awkward so naturally, while still trying to be the hero. I got quite excited then at the idea of a spider-man film with him in it, as he would most certainly be watchable.

I then saw this poster:

Amazing Spider-Man poster

I know that shadow is not physically possible, but this is one of the simplest and best Spider-man posters I’ve seen, second only to the teaser for Spider-man 3. The slogan got me thinking though. They have some guts putting what many see as the film’s biggest weakness as the film’s selling point.

At this point I’d still say I was only curious, not convinced but certainly willing to give it a go. The full trailer then made up my mind for me: I will own this film.


I admit the line “If you want the truth Peter, come and get it” sounds lame(and like an Arwen rip-off to boot), but the rest looks superb. I love the Spider-man back-talking, something that I always felt was missing from Raimi’s films, and the action shots. I am almost more excited now about this than the Avengers, whose marketing has left me cold for the most part. Either way, it looks to be a good year for super-hero films.


One thought on “The Amazing Spider-man

  1. That trailor does make it look a lot better than I was expecting and after seeing Never Let Me go as well I’m really rather impressed with Andrew Garfield’s acting as well now. I think it might well be worth seeing.

    They’ve also managed to paint this spider-man in more of a serious light than the previous trilogy. I never quite managed to take spider-man seriously before, maybe I can with this new version.

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