Indian Monty Python

Last Tuesday night I was leaving a restaurant in central Bangalore and I saw a poster on a billboard that made me step back. I looked again to check it was what I thought I recognised and it was. A poster for Spamalot the musical.

I read the details an my mind was blown. It was a CAUSE foundation production, putting on their own version of the broadway show on Saturday night. Tickets cost between 200 (£2.50) and 500 rupees (£6).

I was shocked and amazed by this. Firstly, by the fact that a British comedy (though on seeing it, I must admit it was probably written for an American audience) was here, over 5,000 miles away. I knew that Monty Python was met with International acclaim, but with typical British cynicism I had assumed this meant in Europe and the USA. I didn’t expect their irreverent silly slapstick to have appealed here, though why it would be limited to our Sceptred Isle escapes me.

I also found it hard to swallow that it was being done for charity and at such a good price. I had believed the rumours and gossip about Eric Idle only doing it for the money and being a miser in real life. This is a failure on my part that I hope to now deter in others. This use of the official name, poster and screenplay stand as testament against those malicious lies which are so tempting to take on board.

The CAUSE foundation stands for Cooperation of the Arts for the Underprivileged in and Society & Environment and more can be learnt from this video. Their aim is to foster local creative talent with surplus funds going to local charities. This persuaded me to go and see this once in a lifetime event, after all, how often do you get the chance to hear some of you country’s most famous and most silly songs be sung live in a different accent and in a concert hall shaped like a violin?


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