Fringe & creativity

Recently I’ve been watching a TV show called Fringe, produced by J.J Abrams (now confirmed as the director of Star Wars VII). Its an American science fiction series about a string of cases referred to as ‘the pattern’ which are investigated by a team of specialists in an area called ‘fringe science’. This concerns theories which are unproven and experimental in nature. They concern things which would normally be considered supernatural, such as teleportation, reading minds and seeing the future.

What makes it so enjoyable are the characters. As is normally the case, there are three main characters, one of which is the focus. Olivia Dunham is a hard-working agent who asks the questions others are afraid to voice. Peter Bishop is the wise-cracking bad boy with a past. His father, Walter Bishop, is the genius, but in the vein of a crazed scientist. He’s the sort of person with whom a conversation about giving his special concoction of LSD to slugs is normal.

One thing I noticed though is that each one of them is creative, but each in their own way. Walter is the one you’d refer to as the creative type as he does seemingly random things and goes considerably past kooky. Interestingly this is only used for science and not for art, as is usually expected. Peter gets all the sarcastic lines, all of which are very inventive and show his quick wit. Olivia is a little less visible, as her creativity is not the main aspect of her character. It comes out at moments though, when she thinks of a good idea that nobody else would have dared consider.

It once again goes to show that anyone can be creative. The difficulty is spotting it.


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