Hear the sound

It starts as a whisper. It didn’t come suddenly, breaking the silence before, but it was soft, as if it had always been there.

Then I hear a heartbeat. It’s faster than my own; scared of something unseen. Another joins it, this one slower. It sounds weak and I don’t hold out much hope for the owner. More join these two, all at different paces, until I hear the heart cry of the whole earth. Then voices rise up; clamouring, shouting, screaming and crying.

Up above it all, I hear God shed a tear for His people’s pain.

Someone stands to their feet. They are in sharp focus now and I hear the sound of clothing being ruffled. There is a metal clanking and I recognise it as armour being taken up. A blade is unsheathed and I hear it being sharpened.

Again, more sounds come into focus. The soldier is not alone and is joined by many others getting ready. There is a clatter as everyone gets ready at his own pace. Some are quite frantic, others calm and measured in their preparations.

Then a singular drum is beaten. The preparation stops and the soldiers rush into position and fall still. They are quiet, only the background groan of the world can be made out.

The drum is hit again and the people start to march. There is a repetitive undulation which shows they are now working together in perfect time. The church is rising.

Above them, a crowd of heavenly beings cheer. Most are shouting encouragements to keep going because they see what is coming. A seldom few are barking out orders from above. If the army is listening, they’ll know what to do.

A swooshing sound fills the air. Thousands and thousands of fiery darts are flying towards the army. They come to a stop and I’m relieved to hear the sound of shields bearing the brunt. They’re not still for long though and I hear more shields being raised as they start moving again. The din is now like a thunderstorm on a tin roof; I can only assume they are in a Tortoise formation.

This carries on for a while before combat breaks out and the noise is chaotic. There is roaring, gasping, yelping and the sounds of war. It’s hard to isolate any one note; the battle is all encompassing.

After a time though, this too gets drowned out, but now with jubilation. The army has gained ground and the enemy flees, wailing in fear. The army cheer and thank God for their victory.

The cry of the earth is brought back into the fore, but the sound is changing here too. I hear chains falling to the ground and the sound of sadness has stopped. There are many reactions, to many different things, but all over the world, victory is at hand. Some say I am healed others that I am free.

Faintly in the background is the sound of rushing waters.

In heaven above there is singing and music rejoicing over those who have been released. Harps, trumpets and various other instruments blare out a song of praise. The voices sing in a language I don’t speak, but the message is clear all the same. They speak of victory and triumph, peace and love, and of being accepted and fully known.

God says, “Come to me friends and have rest.”


My church is about to release their first album, Hear the Sound. It’s about listening to God and trying to make Him the focus of our lives.

When I hear that phrase, this is what my mind eye pictures. I’m sharing this because it makes me love Him more and I long to give Him praise.

If you would like to find out more and possibly pre-order a copy, you can go to http://hearthesound.com/


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