Sucker Punch returns

It’s been a while since my last film review. This is partly because I’m watching fewer movies these days but mainly because there has been one blog post in particular I’ve been needing to write and haven’t wanted to. This is that post.

Just over 4 years ago (yes, it’s been a while) I wrote a blog called Sucker Punch will suck! In it I tried to persuade readers that this was a film worth avoiding. I made the judgement that based on the trailers it would condemn truth and just be about making your own little world.

I wanted to kind of apologize for that post. I made a snap judgement, which though a little better than judging a book by it’s cover, was not based on a full viewing.  A trailer may contain footage from the final film (but may also contain some shots which are later cut, see. Iron Man) but it’s out of order and context. It’s like saying all the words in the blurb for War and Peace will be used in the book so I don’t need to read it in full. I was misguided to think I could make such a call and will never make that mistake again.

While on holiday in India, Sucker Punch was showing on TV and as it was monsoon season I decided to stay in and watch it. If it really was as bad as I thought it would be, I could always change the channel, so I watched it.

I loved it truth be told. While it is very dark and the characters do reject truth for easier lies, the overall film was superb. Snyder is a gifted director when it comes to making a visual statement and this is no exception. The fight sequences are often compared to music videos and that’s because they are practically dance routines. Each move is precise and the lead actors look like ballet dancers more than warriors. While some dislike this, I believe it is entirely intentional.

The other part of this film which has divided fans is the female protagonists. In each scene they are unarguably overly sexualised. Bustiers, hot pants and fishnet stockings are the order of the day and this is very clearly a conscious choice. Whether this is to serve as eye candy or criticize it is the question we can never truly answer, but I believe it is the latter. This film has little good to say about sexual desire and the male characters (bar the wise man) all seem to be perverted with lust. I think the film is asking the audience to question their own reactions to these provocative but exploited women and take responsibility for their reactions.

To say more about this film and why I like it so is to creep into spoiler territory. If you don’t object to the incredibly sexual and violent nature of the film, I would suggest it is worth a shot. If you can’t bear those scenes, then you should probably avoid this film.

In other Zack Snyder news, a third Man of Steel trailer is out. This looks good, but  I’ll wait until I’ve seen it before I make any recommendations.


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