Treasures from heaven

One of the teachings in our church this Christmas which hit me hardest was on Mary. In Luke 2:19 it reads:

But Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart.

This is a brilliant point on how to worship God with our thoughtlife. Remembering the good that He has done is a vital skill we should all make effort to practise.

Thanks to this being highlighted in such a way, I have become better at commemorating what God has done. Not perfect by any means, but treasuring has now become a habit.

For example, God sent a little kiss down from heaven this week. It hasn’t even happened yet, but I’m marvelling at how everything managed to fall into place.

In the old testament, we see a lot of monuments being built for God to celebrate what He’s done. I think this is similar, but on a smaller more personal level. We need to develop our own private stories of what God means to us and why we love Him, both for the big things and the little ones.


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