About Me

I am a Christian called Chris Turner. Yes, the first thing I’ve decided to tell you is I’m a Christian. It is what I believe and if you have a problem with that I suggest you stop now, as this blog is all written from my perspective as a follower of Jesus. It is my greatest source of strength, and fuels all my passions, which I will now describe to you.

I love film. It is in my opinion the most influential form of media in the world. Think of how many people quote books these days; its only film quotes you hear. The words and the images too stay in your mind far longer and these all have a lasting impression. Some are great and beautiful, while others are terrifying, but a few are both. There are some films that provide hope, like Amelie, Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump, but there are some that kill it. I have never watched a film I would classify as Horror, and certainly not as a slasher, but I see no point in these. The fact people have paid to see Hostel films scares me, what do those people want from life? I also find some non-Horror films very scary, the Joker in the Dark Knight and the whole of Fight Club are so dark that I worry for the young viewers. I hate that Heath Ledger’s Joker has now become a prevailing symbol in our culture. I will admit his performance was outstanding,  but why show something so dark to kids?

Let me be clear. I don’t want every film to have Jesus in it, that would mean a lot of good films would not have been made. But what I do hope for is that films will not be made to darken people’s lives, but to give people hope. There is nothing worse than giving people a reason to be fearful or to depress them, so why do it? I shudder to think of people buying these sort of films on DVD, watching them again and again, and then wondering why they feel down so often.

The second is rather more random. I am quite an emotional person, but as a guy feel it is often very hard to express my feelings. I am constantly frustrated that women can be as emotional as they like, but men cannot even shed a tear without a really good reason. Sometimes I feel there is nobody I can let me feelings out to. Most guys don’t want to talk about it, its just not interesting to them.

My third is seeing people experience the presence of God. This includes a lot actually, from people feeling it for the first time, to churches feeling it for the first time and recognising it and to those who have already experienced it to continue doing so. If you yet to experience it, please ask someone how. Try it once, and if its too weird for you, fine, but I think you’ll love it just as much as everyone I know who has felt it does.

I live in Bath and work for a firm who write air traffic control software. I enjoy computer science theory but practical applications of things bore me, so don’t expect any advice columns here, but more thought journeys. These are probably going to be about anything and everything, so stay tuned.


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